Understanding Call Details Records (CDR)

Many people may not know what call details records(CDR) is and what it can do. CDR or call details records gives information of calls that have been made over a phone service. The CDR report can offer answers to various questions that a business may have or even offer solutions and help in areas that have been hit by a disaster.

Call Details Records

What a call detail record entails

In summary, a call detail record will include answers to where a call was made when it was made and how long the call lasted. It provides data about data on how a particular user or phone numberdckjdjdjhshjshj is being used. The data does not include the content that was transmitted but just a record of specific details. These are in details:
1. The date and time when the call took place
2. The actual minutes of how long the call was
3. The number that made the call
4. The phone number that received the call
5. The cost of the call
6. The call type was it a voice call or SMS
7. What kind of call was made, was it inbound, outbound or toll-free

Importance of call detail records

A range of people, companies, and organizations find call details records (CDR) necessary. One for a telephone service provider, the records are vital to revenue production, the company is able to provide telephone bills to send to their subscribers and receive payment. Secondly, for businesses a company is able to track the phone usage and make decisions in regards to the resourcing of various departments and people due to the nature of work that they do.

Third, for law enforcement institutions, the call details record are able to provide information that can help in solving cases by identifying suspects and giving information on a person’s relationships with other people, their location during a call and also their communication and behavior pattern.

Lastly, for organizations that deal with disaster management and relief. Whether a rescue operation by the police, medical ambulance or firefighters or a food aid project. Call detail records can be used to identify people in a particular disaster or distress area, organize rescue and relief aid and dispatch whatever help and aid is needed. This, in turn, results in saving lives.


djshshshjshshCDR can be used by different organizations to provide a range of function and need. However, different countries will vary with the laws on how to use such data in different situations.…

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