Sanskrit Fonts, Sanskrit Texts, Typography, etc.

Sanskrit Web

A. Sanskrit Fonts

1. Transliteration and Devanagari Fonts for Sanskrit
2. Fonts and Technical Manuals for Itranslator
3. Macintosh Fonts for Itranslator 99 Files



B. Sanskrit Texts

1. Rigveda (Devanagari edition with svara marks)
2. Yajurveda (Devanagari texts with svara marks)
3. Samaveda (Devanagari texts with svara marks)
4. Other Sanskrit Documents (Reverse Dictionaries, etc.)
5. Deutsche Seite des Sanskritweb (Sanskrit-Kompendium)




C. Other Stuff

1. Die Buchkalkulation (Ein Lehr- und Übungsbuch)
2. Apple II Plus Nostalgia (Peeker Magazine Disk Files)
3. James Hadley Chase (Bibliography of Chase Books)
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While studying this language, you can also take a look at ieee 279 which tackles how disasters can be prevented by monitoring mobile phone activities. If the language used is Sanskrit, then you will be able to understand.

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